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Unlimited links in a single card

You can add unlimited links for your personal needs in adding personal data in this product.

NFC and QR Code

Anyone can access your links just by tapping the card in their phone. Additionally, we add a QR code that contains the customer’s personal data in the physical design of the card, this for those who don’t have the NFC tags reader feature on their device, can use a barcode scanner to scan the data.

Universal design

Universal size like other cards in general makes it easy for you to carry it anywhere and anytime. with dimensions of 8.5 cm × 5.4 cm. The initial design in the physical card will be the same as the user's initials.


Kenalinked cards are only compatible with mobile phones that have the NFC tags reader feature, so if you want to maximize the use of our product, please make sure your smartphone has the NFC tags reader feature. But If your smartphone does not have this feature, our product provides a QR Code that can be used as a substitute to access your account by scanning the QR Code.



iPhone 7 and newer



any phone with NFC

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Who are we?

KENALINKED is a company that attempts to solve a problem that we often take for granted in everyday life. We believe that networking is the most important aspect of building good relationships, business, and more. Unfortunately, networking takes a considerable amount of time.

Our vision

To become the largest and most trusted digital profile provider for indonesian citizens & the world, and we want to simplify your networking experience.

Our mission

  • To maximise the use of technology to make networking easier.
  • To become the pathway between two or more parties in exchanging portfolios, resumes and social media.
  • Transforming kenalinked to replace conventional business cards and transforming them into digitised business cards.
  • Simplify users in exchanging personal social medias quickly.

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